How Spiritual Pyramids Can Disempower Us

Do we really need more reasons to be ashamed of ourselves?

There are so many spiritual shame-inducing pyramids out there that suggest love and joy are high-vibrational and feelings like shame, fear, guilt and anger are low-vibrational. While it is true love is the highest vibrational frequency, the intent behind the message might be to shame those who need to express negative emotions in order to heal (which ironically creates higher vibrations!) When we see hierarchical pyramids such as those showing how high or low the vibrational frequencies rate in comparison to one another, we are probably learning to self-flagellate any time we feel those “lower” emotions. Ironically, these very pyramids designed to encourage us to love might actually cause the lowest vibration of shame.

New age spirituality is no better than other religions who use shame, guilt and fear to keep people disempowered. Fear is a common tool used to control others. And if we’re talking about high vs low vibrations, manipulating others with shame and fear cannot be too close to the top of the pyramid. The way to high vibrations is to genuinely love one another, not guilt them into being happy.

It’s the “negative” emotions that get us to the top. They are angels in disguise. People who have come here to heal and have begun their self-work know that there is NO hierarchy to feelings and that, for example, self-love and shame are only two sides of the same coin. All emotions are valid because they are our soul’s authentic expression. When we label some emotions as “right” and others as “wrong”, we miss the point of why we are even here. We didn’t come to Earth to be a soul or a “light being”, we came here to be Human and have experiences that are Exclusively Human….. hence the need to express and emote all colors of the rainbow gallery of Emotions. Nothing helps us find out who we really are like emotions do. When we shut ourselves down, we shut down also our possibility to get to know ourselves as well.

I would personally suggest that the resistance to those unpleasant emotions are low-vibrational. When we are in a state of resistance, we are at war with ourselves. Emotions are energy in motion so when we bottle up our emotions, our energy becomes stagnant. WE become stagnant and more likely to become depressed, anxious, fearful and resort to addictions including the incessant need to be busy. It is at that point our past and repressed emotions continue to control us. That is not a high vibration. It’s fear.

I would recommend we turn our focus from the competitiveness of vibrations and the division it causes to getting to know ourselves and our shadow. Self-knowledge and the authentic actualization of that knowledge is what expands us into our self-knowing. If our focus is there, everything else comes naturally.

Why do we need to compete under peer pressure and compare ourselves to one another? Does that sound spiritual to you? Notice how shame is all the way at the bottom of the pyramid, yet…. that’s what we instill in others when they feel shame. More shame.

Once again, the way to self-actualization is love. And how can we do that if we are shaming ourselves day in and day out because we’re feeling the “wrong emotions”?


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