Love Like an Animal Can

The reason why so many of us prefer nonhuman animals as companions is probably because animals really know how to be a friend.

The nonhuman animal will love you if you are cranky, enraged, self-pitying, depressed, helpless, hopeless, terrified, grief-stricken, can’t get over it, sad, stuck, unmotivated, whiny, angry, impatient, negative, ignorant, fat, sick or ugly.  It’s because they know how to love and give people the safe place they need to find themselves in. They are patient and don’t use stopwatches. They teach us how to love ourselves. They teach us who we are at the soul-level. And if we learn from them how to love ourselves, we might someday start loving each other like our nonhuman companions do.

I wonder if non-human animals are here to teach this very lesson.


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