The Authority Within Part II

The Importance of self-experimentation and trusting the Self when committing to healing modalities and dieting:

Truth might not live outside us like we might think it does. We can only know what works and what doesn’t through personal experience, through our mistakes and through our own inner wisdom and guidance.

It is great to listen to other’s advice and experiences as that is how we start the journey, but at the same time, we need to learn to be discriminating, learn to question what we hear, and learn to think for ourselves, cutting the apron strings to those we deem to be authority over us.

I see this time and time again in esoteric communities or alternative counter-culture groups where there is one, two or three popular spiritual gurus or doctors and the majority relinquish their power to them blindly following all their advice. And eventually they might get to a point where they defend it with their lives going to war against those who don’t. There’s a lot of censorship also in these groups. And so when someone who dares to question and/or who has a contradicting personal experience speaks up, people are surprised and confused or resort to cognitive dissonance.

I used to give my power away to those thinking they knew my body more than myself and I paid hard for that mistake. But it was the mistake I had needed to make to learn that I no longer need to give my full authority away to others because I already have it within me. Becoming self-referencing is virtuous.

While we are all fundamentally the same, biodiversity is also real. We are all different ages, have different beliefs, have different attitudes, have different pasts, have different ailments, different stress levels, have different deficiencies, different soul contracts, different life purposes, we’re all on different levels of consciousness and have different sensitivities/allergies to foods or substances. Like with cats, some people don’t even react to poison ivy and some are allergic to it. We are all so unique and more complex than what we’re given credit for. Having said that, when it comes to  healing and dietary advice, while I listen to it all,  I try not to automatically accept or deny what I hear. I take rules and rituals with a HUGE grain of salt and defer to my higher judgement and personal experiences as PRIORITY.

Anyone can make anything up about our history because there is no way to verify what is true from what isn’t. Anyone can say anything they want and call it “science”.  We have to wonder also if there might be an agenda. I have so much experience with giving my power away only to realize I was deceived. Thankfully those experiences have taught me to become a healthy cynist.

I don’t want people to listen to me either. I might tell the tale of my own failures and successes but they are only my personal experiences with my own personal vehicle that is uniquely mine.

We are our own authority and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we might begin to become free.

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