Psychobabble Schmabble

Psychobabble is a derogatory term that some of us use when we read something too deep  for our minds to comprehend. It happens to a lot of us. So, instead of accepting it is our problem, we get angry and direct our anger toward the messenger. And instead of being curious, asking questions and/or accepting that there are some things we might not understand right now, shots are fired toward the people discussing psycho-philosophical topics.

If your work is ever ridiculed in such a way, don’t take it personally. We’re all on different frequencies. Just like with a radio, when we tune into a frequency close to ours, the station comes in clearly and there is resonance. And when someone is too far away, we get static. In other words, those who understand you are within your vibrational frequency. Those are the people who will get you effortlessly and vice versa.

We can only successfully deliver a message to those who are a vibrational match to that message. So, don’t stress yourself out explaining things to people who aren’t ready for the message.

We are all going to run up against messages that we may not understand right away or may not even be ready to understand and there is nothing wrong with that. Be gentle on yourself. You are not inadequate or stupid. Be gentle on the messenger too. They are not trying to harm anybody. Their message is for a specific audience.



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