Learning By Contrast

What better way to learn judgment isn’t kind than to be on the receiving end of judgement ourselves? While being judged might feel like a curse at first, it’s a blessing in disguise if we use it as tool to learn not to judge others….since we know how it feels. And we might not learn the lesson right away. We need to be judged, perhaps, for lifetimes over and over again before we learn how to accept, appreciate and love others just the way they are. So, see we can thank the judgmental people for this lesson.

What better way to learn how to eat healthfully than to get really sick. Sometimes we need to wait for our health to take a dangerous deadly turn before we acknowledge that we need to treat ourselves better. We have our own mistakes to thank for that newly found wisdom.

What better way to learn critical independent thinking after being fooled and disillusioned so many times by those we gave our power away to lifetime after lifetime? Naivete can get us into trouble. Get duped enough times? A healthy cynicism is a righteous byproduct that develops and we have charlatans to thank for that.

We have so much to learn from Duality. In other words, learning by contrast is beneficial to our evolutionary progress so that we may eventually become wiser, stronger, more compassionate and sovereign people.

Duality exists on Earth because we can learn from The Law of Opposites. Without dark, there is no light. Without dependence, there is no sovereignty. Without wrong, there is no right. Without mistakes, there are no lessons. Without cruelty, there is no kindness. Without tension, there is no ease. Without loss, there is no gratefulness. Without sickness, there is no health. Without pain, there is no pleasure. Without indifference, there is no love. Without fear, there is no security. Without judgement, there is no acceptance. On the deepest levels, I believe they are all two sides of the same coin.

What better way to learn who we are by acknowledging who we are not.

Darkness may appear to be “negative”, but if you look at darkness as a loving catalyst to our own expansion, the Dark is Positive and the sooner we embrace the dark and realize it’s not the bad guy we thought it was, the less we might suffer.


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