Duality in Harmony

We may not feel safe in the scariest deepest darkest depth of our shadow unless there is a ray of light to help us feel safe to ‘go there’. And we may not be able to embody light unless we have first faced, fully, the dark. This could be the Divine Law of Opposites at work.

Duality may exist on Earth because we can learn from The Law of Opposites. Without dark, there is no light. Without dependence, there is no sovereignty. Without wrong, there is no right. Without mistakes, there are no lessons. Without cruelty, there is no kindness. Without tension, there is no ease. Without loss, there is no gratefulness. Without sickness, there is no health. Without pain, there is no pleasure. Without indifference, there is no love. Without fear, there is no security. Without judgement, there is no acceptance.

Dualistic phenomena in nature might work together in harmony as a Divine Conspiracy to help us remember who we are since how do we know who we are unless we’ve been who we are not?


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