The Genuine Expression of Positivity

Why telling others to focus on the positive might be a negative thing to do: If we are sincere about our quest to be positive and want to set the best example of positivity to others, we will accept people as they are. The idea that others are wrong the way they are is not... Continue Reading →

Are Sociopaths Really the Happiest People?

I often hear others say that it's not fair that sociopaths are so happy and it's always the good people who have to suffer as their victims. The myth of the happy sociopath might have to do with the false beliefs that were ingrained in us since we were children on what happiness means. A... Continue Reading →

Sun Signs and Energy

"Not all [insert sign] are like that", we might often say as a result of superficial generalizations and it is rather disquieting.... Generalizing is bad and forgets the complexity of one's individual chart. Houses, Planetary relationships, natal moon phase and transits are all important. But, for those who are sensitive to energy and for those... Continue Reading →

The Other Humility

Faux-humility might be a common practice in some regions of the world and we might do it to please others and fit into the culture. Nobody wants to be thought of as arrogant. What impresses me are those people who can admit they are smart, funny, creative and take pride in their gifts. It takes... Continue Reading →

A Possible Answer to C-PTSD

C-PTSD might go away when we feel the feelings revolved around the trauma. When the abuse is faced head-on we shall be free, but it takes time and it's a process. Old feelings will begin to surface as our body becomes more prepared for it. The healthier we are, the better. The OCD, panic attacks,... Continue Reading →

Opinon Costume Party

I was just thinking every point of view is like an outfit. Just like we have all these clothes to wear and how it's so much fun to try on different clothes and wear them for a day or a period of time in our lives, I find the same with opinions. Maybe people aren't... Continue Reading →

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