The TV versus The Internet

Some of us might make a big deal about how television dumbs us down and that the internet is a safe alternative because as least we can choose what to look at and at least we can do research to learn unlike TV where we don’t have many choices. And while that is true, here’s the problem or what I’ve noticed: What if we don’t discriminate information? If we are not discerning readers or watchers, the same brainwashing that happens from watching TV can also happen on the internet.

What if the internet was created to be another programming tool?

The problem is not so much the medium we use to collect information. The problem lies in the individual’s ability to think critically or not. The problem lies in the fact that even if we’re being deceived, can we see through the deception and read between the lines?

The question is…..Are we really interested in Truth or are we just interested in protecting and defending what we think might be true? Can we be brutally honest with ourselves enough to even answer that question?

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