Money is Not Evil–It’s How We Spend It

So much is blamed on China, but I have a gut feeling that most if not all technology and plastics are made from slave labor all over the world. It’s probably going on in the US too. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Even if my assertion is not true, there is a way we can help: I try to do as much shopping at thrift stores and yard sales if I really need something. A lot of my food comes from farmer’s markets too. These are some ways we can help with our dollars. Actually, our most influential votes happen with how and where we spend our money. We cannot control everything, but money is one way we can use our free will for positive change.

I don’t think money is so evil. It’s all how we use it. If we are using money to harm other people, then that’s not a money issue, it’s an integrity issue.

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