Could Inferiority and Superiority be Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Feelings of superiority might come as a result of growing up feeling inferior. To cope with feeling inferior, one might speak in such a way feeling superior over others making new subjects feel inferior if they grew up similarly.  And the cycle continues. An inferior disposition when comparing ourselves to another might ‘survive’ itself by compensating in such a way that in order to feel “right” in the world, someone else must be “wrong”. The harder way to deal with this would be to allow superior thoughts to surface and embrace those thoughts, to let them rip and enjoy them without using a subject to make inferior. Is there someone who loves you unconditionally enough to tolerate superior thoughts? If so, it could be liberating to talk about them as once we confess, the chances of those thoughts dissolving increase.  Or harder than that,  to allow oneself to ‘feel’ inferior, sit right inside of it and release those feelings. Who, growing up, made you feel that way? Perhaps triggers in the present bring those feelings up? It’s healthy to feel them.  Feel those uncomfortable feelings, allow the pain and nobody gets hurt. Creating new victims helps nobody.

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