The Importance of Our Inner Work and Healing

This song was originally written by Tears for Fears and even in this "turn your frown upside down" platitudinous world, people were so touched by and related so much to this song, that there are numerous covers all over the place. Why did this song go viral? Because underneath all the fake smiles and strong... Continue Reading →

Could Inferiority and Superiority be Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Feelings of superiority might come as a result of growing up feeling inferior. To cope with feeling inferior, one might speak in such a way feeling superior over others making new subjects feel inferior if they grew up similarly.  And the cycle continues. An inferior disposition when comparing ourselves to another might 'survive' itself by... Continue Reading →

Why Darkness Might Be Our Friend

Why darkness might be our friend and why I'm not afraid of talking about the dark side of life... We might use the term "negative" to ascribe to those people brave enough to talk about and face the darkness, but I find the darkness and the facing of it rather positive and here's why: Running... Continue Reading →

The Permission to be Confident

Confidence is bad. Stop that. Unless you're an author, a comedian, or a spiritual leader. Then you are allowed to be confident and say anything you want to an audience. But if you're just an average sweaty human, do not ever be confident as you'll be labeled as "egotistical". Isn't that funny how that works?... Continue Reading →

Surviving VS Thriving

I don't want to be alive (surviving). I want to LIVE (thriving). There is a big difference between the two. Anybody can breathe air in and out of their lungs. That's not very impressive. It's an automated function. Nobody is ever happy surviving, existing, just getting by, breathing, or living in auto-pilot. Just doing the... Continue Reading →

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