How We Survive and How We Can Stop the Cycle of Abuse

If we don’t break down later in life, it’s only because we are being pulled up artificially by our addictions. Are we addicted to food? Alcohol? Materialism? TV? Drugs? Cigarettes? Sex? Working? Busy-ness (we can’t sit still)? Most of us are addicted to something or have some kind of method we unconsciously employ to remain distracted to keep our feelings from surfacing. For some, the addictions might stop working and our facade begins to crumble because all the energy it took to keep our problems repressed is wearing away.

Enter nervous breakdown, suicide…

I was just talking about this with a friend recently. It is actually not uncommon for the unhealed to have a meltdown at some point between the age of 25 and 55 if they come from a traumatic past.

We all need love, validation, support, to be seen and heard. The suicide rate is so high because we forgive the perpetrators, yet condemn their victims. If you want to see a better world, it all starts with how we treat the victims as unhealed victims may later become perpetrators. The cycle of abuse can only stop with us.

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