Feeling Better VS Healing

If therapy (whatever it is) can help you gain access to your repressed feelings in order to release them, that should really help you. Those feelings need to come out as they are toxic to your mindspiritbody. If the therapy is helping you feel better because you are dissociating from the pain, you will still be holding on to the pain and still be unconsciously controlled by the past. All I’m saying is be careful. Feeling better does not equate to healing. Healing is the most painful thing in the world. It is hard as hell to let go of rage, shame, terror, grief, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness and sadness, but once you release these old feelings, your heart should eventually explode with love, compassion, creation, empowerment, and joy like never before. You will be alive…instead of just surviving.

This journey ain’t for sissies. ;)

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