Balancing Gratefulness with Justice

I wonder if most illness in first world countries might be iatrogenic? IF they are… I find it important that if we don’t speak up about the corruption on our own doorstep, we will become just like those systems in less privileged countries. Third world systems don’t happen overnight; they happen as a result of silence, apathy, and not speaking up about it to the proper people. There is a lot of corruption in first world medical systems and if we remain silent, we could become third-world….eventually. All developed nations could be headed to third world ways due to apathy. It’s great to be grateful for what we already have, but it’s even greater to speak up when there is corruption as silence is Consent.

It’s the same as if you don’t report your rapist, he’s going to continue to victimize more people. Sure you could be starving in a third-world country, but you still want to report your rapist, right? Or at least see to it that you get some emotional support, healing and get taken care of, yes? It doesn’t mean you’re not grateful for your life, your food, and that you have a roof over your head everyday.

Don’t get so caught up in gratefulness that you forget to set boundaries in relationships, stand up against abuse, and medical and political corruption! You can appreciate the beauty of life and still get up and stand up against oppression.


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