Feeling Better VS Healing

If therapy (whatever it is) can help you gain access to your repressed feelings in order to release them, that should really help you. Those feelings need to come out as they are toxic to your mindspiritbody. If the therapy is helping you feel better because you are dissociating from the pain, you will still... Continue Reading →

The Harmonious Duality Within and the Desire to be Known

I'm coming out of my shell. I've spent my whole life being embarrassed about who I was, feeling ashamed, apologizing for myself, focusing on all my flaws, ....in fact, you wanna hear all my flaws? If I were to write a book on all the mistakes I have made and still make e-v-e-r-y single day,... Continue Reading →

EnREALment and the Holidays

All these wishes for others to be happy, prosperous, merry and so on during New Years.... Our intentions are pure, but what does it really all mean? While some people are living in a perpetual Hell day in and day out and could probably use a break from it all who may need our blessings... Continue Reading →

Being OK with Being Wrong

Being wrong is death for some people and they may go on into their adult lives trying to prove they are right. Liberation is only found in being OK with being wrong and having no problem admitting you are sometimes wrong and there are some things you just don't know.  

What’s in a Smile?

Someone may look happy, but that doesn't mean they are. A lot of us wear a mask as that is the only way to survive in a world that shuns authenticity and feelings. We cannot handle depth because we cannot handle our own depth. We cannot handle other's feelings because we cannot handle our own.... Continue Reading →

Balancing Gratefulness with Justice

I wonder if most illness in first world countries might be iatrogenic? IF they are... I find it important that if we don't speak up about the corruption on our own doorstep, we will become just like those systems in less privileged countries. Third world systems don't happen overnight; they happen as a result of... Continue Reading →

Intelligence and Love

We judge intelligence by how well someone can remember, regurgitate, obey or how well they use language. However, true intelligence is measured by one's ability to wonder, to be curious, to question authority and social ingrained norms, as well as the ability to think critically and independently of the herd, large or small. And the... Continue Reading →

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