The Universe Needs You

The thing is, we ALL have gifts! Nobody is better than anyone. We ALL have something to offer this world. If you don’t see that now, you will later. If YOU did not exist, all the Universes would collapse. Why? Because, again, the Universes NEED your UNIQUE spark and SPECIAL gifts. Even if you think what you do is mundane, nobody does it like YOU can. You express what you can do in unique ways if you allow it.

I asked my husband: “Do I sound like an egomaniac?” And he responded saying “It would be a problem if you DIDN’T realize your gifts.”

Yes, the problem is NOT realizing how much your energy is needed by the Universe.

Our social programming suggests that to realize our talents is akin to egomania and what that does is shut people down and eventually some of us grow to resent the world since we cannot truly express our soul’s gift to the world and love ourselves out loud due to it being socially UNacceptable. What a crazy world!

We’ve got it all upside down.

People will get intimidated and call you names if you dare come out of your shell at times, but please remember that those people are only behaving that way because they are insecure and feel inadequate with themselves. It comes from their unhealed wounds. That’s not your problem. YOU keep rolling regardless, you hear? Don’t let the Debbie Downers of the world beat you down all over again. You are being tested to rise just like the Phoenix against all the obstructions and challenges that will attempt to limit your full expression. Your own success is contingent on whether or not you RISE anyway.



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