The Universe Needs You

The thing is, we ALL have gifts! Nobody is better than anyone. We ALL have something to offer this world. If you don't see that now, you will later. If YOU did not exist, all the Universes would collapse. Why? Because, again, the Universes NEED your UNIQUE spark and SPECIAL gifts. Even if you think... Continue Reading →

Support is Everything

Some may minimize what you're going through, but I for one totally understand and it's REAL. Only the brave walk this path. And not only are you brave to walk it, you are brave to be so transparent and honest about what you're going through in a world that belittles itself and others. The fact... Continue Reading →

Physical Maladies as a Survivor Tool

In order to heal, we have to really want it --- this means all parts of self (the conscious parts and the unconscious traumatized parts) must agree. If one aspect of us wants to heal and another aspect does not, recovery from trauma is inaccessible. All parts of self need to cooperate and be in... Continue Reading →

How to Survive Being an Empath

Do we need to shield ourselves from negative energies? If we are sensitive to negative people or their emotions and energies, it is probably because they are reflecting back the repressed unconscious negative energy within us. Nobody can make you feel anything that you are not harboring yourself.  We might not know who we are... Continue Reading →

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