Why Judgment Makes Little Sense

I have been reading these two books and while they don’t mention “astrology” or our “astrological charts”, they are all about how we create our own “charts” before we incarnate on Earth. Before we incarnate, we have “pre-birth planning sessions” with our spirit guides and our soul group and during those sessions we create a personality, soul agreements and possible events we may experience and lots of “if-then’s” (if Y happens, then X will follow, for example), and also Plan A’s and Plan B’s and so on. In our pre-birth charts that our souls create, every little detail is there including how we may be raised, our environment….. all significant events/experiences and how we might deal with them. They are possibilities and some are more possible than others. The older the soul is, apparently the less planning is done and the more free choices are available after we get here since ‘we know the drill’.

What we deem “bad behavior” or “good behavior” from the personality-end, is deemed neutral from the higher perspective of the soul.

I say this because while it is human to judge what we would deem “unevolved behavior” or “low vibrational” may not be the case from the view of the soul. A lot of what we are conditioned to believe about the human experience is deceptive at best. Life and humans are radically much more complicated than we are programed to believe. The more I read the book and the more I learn everyday through my own experiences, the more I realize how much I don’t know and just how complex life and humans are. I am reminded how silly it is to judge when each one of us have a different birth chart with a different life plan. I remember how silly it is to tell others how to live their path when they are already being divinely guided. One really important thing to consider before judging another person: the plans we create not only benefit us, but also those who experience our behavior as well. Some of us may become, for example, drug addicts or even kill ourselves not only for our own growth but for those who are on the receiving end of our behavior! It’s not all about us, it’s about how we have planned to help others grow as well. Our soul manifests pain for ourselves and pain for others. It’s all done out of love. It might seem like a curse at first, but months, years or lifetimes from now, it might be viewed as a blessing. And when we physically die and return to Spirit, it’s all good between us. No grudges or hate or resentment or fighting happens over there.

I am reminded of is when I was at work several years ago, this one co-worker of mine died of lung cancer and he was a smoker. A coworker had said “Well, I have no sympathy; he did it to himself”. While that was an insensitive unevolved remark, the funny thing is we really do create our exits from the soul-level — not the personality-level, but from the soul level that we aren’t even conscious of. We don’t harm and/or kill ourselves because we are bad people or ignorant, rather most of what we do is done out of love/necessity for ourselves and those we leave behind. Everything we create has meaning and value — even if it hurts. And it takes a mature soul to really grasp this concept. This book was created from that wisdom.

We hate pain and we’re supposed to; we’re human. We are reacting from the personality-end. But pain is necessary. From the higher perspective of the wise soul, pain is not good or bad, negative or positive. It is a human construct to ascribe dualistic labels to behavior, but in all actuality, pain/negativity/darkness is necessary to engender self-knowledge, love, light, wisdom, fortitude, empathy, compassion, consciousness and sovereignty. It is wise to resist any temptation to use spirituality, however, to bypass giving pain her righteous expression so that we may heal.

I don’t think even astrologers can make out the depth of our birth charts. After all the studying I have done, I have tentatively concluded that even our birth charts are over-simplified and grossly misunderstood. I believe when we are meant to understand our own pre-birth plans or other people’s charts, we will find out if our soul finds it beneficial. Let your soul and spiritual team lead the way and trust that if you need to know something, you WILL find out.

I had been thinking, “What about those born minutes apart as twins?” Why are they so different from one another? I had thought about degrees and then I had also thought about the evolutionary differences of the soul and then I came across this in my book:

“Although souls have life plans, nothing is fully determined beforehand. It is always about likelihoods and potentials. Some potentials have a high probability, and therefore one might say they have been predetermined. But, there is always a margin of freedom, because the personality always has free will and can always choose a different path. When that happens, when you choose a less likely path, a new life plan will come into play. So, there are always alternatives at hand.”

I also read that we also forge soul contracts even while we are on Earth. Not all is planned before birth. Some things happen on a whim where two or more souls conspire to work on something together at any given time.

This is about adoption, but still relevant:

“Souls are at different stages of evolution. At some point ninety percent will choose to experience being adopted, but how it will fit into their life plans is dependant upon how evolved they are at a soul level and how much unity there is between the soul and the identity at the Earth level. The more unity there is, the more they are open to their souls, the more adoption can lead to an awakening of their divinity. But, if a soul is not that evolved, adoption can lead to a difficult karmic cycle of lifetimes, repeating the issue of being abandoned and feeling lost.”

So, even if two people were born as twins, the expression of their birth charts or any kind of pre-birth planning charts might be quite different. But also again….. DEGREES can make a HUGE difference.

In any event, if this subject is your passion like it is mine and you are interested in finding out how we plan our own lives before we are born as it does tie into astrology, I HIGHLY recommend these two insightful books.


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