The World is a Stage

“The world we exist in is a stage. That people sign up to play roles of “good and bad” people. Since they are performances, they are actors playing the role of the bad guy. For example, Desdemona doesn’t go up to Othello after the play and say “You killed me!” Rather they comment on how well the show went. Romeo doesn’t walk up to Juliet and ask “why’d you take that poison?” She’d answer “we’ve been doing this play for a long time Romeo, did you forget that we do this each time?” Since we have the illusion that we are fully conscious, fully in the world we’re in, while reading this sentence, we can’t be aware of how it is that we chose to be here, chose to wear this costume or chose to play this role. It’s not up to me to change anyone’s feelings about that – because that makes me the fellow who turns on the lights in the middle of the play and shouts “It’s only a play!” But if one can wrap their mind around the concept “We don’t die” it might make it easier to comprehend. None of us dies, so there’s no harm anyone can accomplish in our direction. Yes, temporary stress, harm – but we can’t be killed, and if we survive whatever has happened to us, physically, we can comprehend that any event is one that teaches lessons to everyone involved.

It’s not an easy topic. But I will offer you an account that I filmed, and is included in the book “Flipside.” I was filming a woman who under deep hypnosis remembered being in the holocaust. She saw herself naked, waiting for the showers to come on. The hypnotherapist asked her to move back to happier times in this life,and she saw her family and friends and loved ones. Eventually he brought her back to the moment where she crossed over, out of the camp, and into a place where she was met by her loved ones. She eventually got to see her council, her guides who have watched over all her lifetimes. She asked “Why did I choose this lifetime? It was awful. I lost everyone I loved.”

She said (and it’s on camera in the film “Flipside”) “They’re showing me images… this is going to be difficult to express… but they’re showing me images to make me see that it was harder to choose to play the role of a perpetrator in this life, than a victim.” I was startled to hear it, as I’d never heard anything like it. She said “From my perspective each day in the camp was a heightened lesson in many topics, love, compassion, forgiveness, courage… and from this perspective I’m glad I chose this role, as the role others chose was more difficult for them to overcome or process.”

We really have to examine carefully the roles people play – as we know, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great – all played a role, but they did not perform by themselves. They had thousands of others playing the role as well, assisting, aiding, abetting… perpetrating their will over others. Why? It’s a good question. Why would anyone sign up to experience trauma? Well, I can only point to one person’s report “You can learn more from one day of tragedy on earth than you can in 5000 years on some other boring planet.”

Did you catch that?

We come here to learn or teach lessons. For people on the flipside, 5000 years isn’t that big of a deal – time works differently off planet. From my research I’ve heard that “25 years on earth feels like 10 minutes over there.” So there’s that factor as well. An 80 year lifetime might feel like a half an hour to our souls back home. What happens on earth might be relatively thrilling or depressing,but it also might be just a blip in our overall journey and life’s progress. Just something to chew on. Again, I’m just reporting what people say.” –Rich Martini

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