The Limitations of Epigenetics

While Epigenetics IS real and while the aging process can be slowed through the way we live our lives, it also falls under conventional genetics which we may not be able to control. As an example, my biological mother died at 69 from lung cancer and had a host of illnesses during the last 3 decades of her life. She was always sick and disabled. However, she looked 15-20 years younger than her age. Why? According to the experts, she should have looked older than her age. But she didn’t.

Since I am of her blood, I took on the same genetics. I look young for my age. I wish I could say I look so young because I take care of my health, but unfortunately, that is not the case. I look young thanks to my genes. Surely, I look older when I eat junk food, but nonetheless? I will always look younger than my age which is now 49. I will be 50 in August.

Also our astrological birth charts matter. Some people look older than their age (Capricorns, Saturn in the first house) while some look their age and while some look younger than their age (Geminis, Gemini rising, etc) We choose all this before we even incarnate. So judging one’s appearance makes no sense.

Additionally, it is important to understand that age is not just about genetics, astrology and diet. The people we poke fun at for looking old (while astrology is involved here too)… how do we know what they have been through? And most importantly just how courageous they are for signing up for all the storms in life they have braved. Before mocking someone for looking old, first ask yourself if you could do their path better than they can.

There are some unsavory characters and dubious self-proclaimed gurus out there that try to shame others for looking old by comparison to those who look young because “those people take care of themselves”. Pay no attention. There are some genes we can rewrite and others we cannot entirely and age is part of that as far as looking young is concerned.

As we evolve on our journeys, we may come to realize that there’s so much we don’t know and most importantly, we may realize just how very complex humans and life really are than the romanticized simplistic version some might believe as to how others should look and be.

Ignore it all. It is noise. Just follow your path and your individuality as you shine no matter what your face or body looks like. Our paths are SO individuated that it is impossible to dictate how others should do their own path. Show how evolved you are by loving others instead.

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