The Authority Within

We can argue all day long about the “truth”, but unless we have personal experience with it, unless we can be objective critics of that experience, and unless we have some common sense carried over from intuition and previous lifetimes, we are only just making noise.

You can find a study that suits your bias on almost every topic out there. However, for every study there is, there is a counter-study on the same topic. And these studies are often updated to reflect different results all the time.

Which study is the right one all depends, again, on your persona experience with it. The problem with the world is that we neglect personal experience deferring to “studies” and “authority” outside ourselves and wonder why we are so confused. We relinquish our power to those who we think “know better”. We don’t even know who funded those “studies” or if there is an agenda behind them. If we only knew to listen to our bodies and our inborn inner wisdom, there would be no need for debate or scientism.

The only real authority is Within. Trust that.



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