My opinion on Heaven and Earth. And does the world need to be saved?

Heaven is not supposed to be on Earth. Earth is supposed to be on Earth. Earth is perfect the way it is. We humans ascribe pain and suffering as a negative when it’s really a divine catalyst for our own soul’s growth. That’s why we even come here. We don’t come here because the food is good. We come here, generally, for much deeper reasons. Before we incarnate, our soul creates a plan of possibilities with other souls for the sake of experience.

Experience fosters self-knowledge and soul growth. It is a human construct to see, right, wrong, good, bad, negative, positive, ….and that is what we are supposed to be doing since we’re all here courageously to have a Human experience. We’re not here to be a “ball of light”. We’re not here to be our souls. While many of us come here to help or to teach others, we are not always here to be picture-perfect, healthy, nice, popular, smart or “Christ-like” or encourage others to. We’re not here to save the world. We’re not here to eradicate sin or “be saved”. We’re not here to be flawless. We come here specifically for experiences that only a HUMAN in a BODY can have. Earth may be one of the realms where we can experience life with a body, where we can experience limitation and emotion. And how cool is that? From the soul’s higher perspective, there is no right, wrong, good, bad, positive, negative. There are only experiences. It’s all neutral. It just IS. And everything is Divinity.

The world does not need saving. I don’t need to be saved. You don’t need to be saved.
Everyone’s right where they need to be and the world is perfect as it is when you see life through the soul’s perspective. And even better if you can juggle both the human and soul’s perspective all at the same time not losing sight of either one of them!

Once we have had the courage to be Human, only then, after all the experiences do we naturally begin to align with our soul or who we really are which IS Perfect Divine Love and Light.

What may be the Heaven a lot of us speak about is the spirit realm where we transition to when we have completed our soul’s contract. This is what we often call “death”. It’s not really “death”, but rather a completion of the contract where we return Home to the spirit realm where we eventually get ready to do it all over again.

Ohhhh we have plenty of time to be spirits; we have plenty of time to be limitless light beings. Plenty of time. The biggest mistake many make is trying to so hard to have spirit experiences on Earth. We do it because it bypasses the hardest thing we will ever do: being human. The hardest thing anyone can ever do is to allow themselves to be unapologetically Human. Once we have allowed and surrendered to our human-ness and physical body, that is when we begin to self-actualize and become aligned with our Soul. It’s just not “cool” to be human, though, since being human means not following the herd, not following the rule book, and feeling emotions without apology. You need to expect that you will be alone if you decide to surrender to your human nature. Hard to have friends when you have your mask off and decide that it is OK to be your flawed human physical self. What an experience?!?!

This journey ain’t for sissies.

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