The Grieving Journey is a Personal One

What I’m learning through my husband and the grief groups we’ve been going to is that grief is very personal. What works for one may not for another and vice versa. As much as we like to imagine that there is a one-size-fits-all paradigm to resolve grief, there isn’t. Each individual is here for different reasons and has their own path that is unique and custom-tailored to only themselves. This means that their process might be entirely different from yours. The most selfless and loving thing we can do when others are grieving is to allow them to have their OWN path. And the most selfless and loving thing we can do for ourselves when we grieve is to allow ourselves to have our own path. The worst thing we can do is compare to others due to, again, the uniqueness of our own journeys through life. Even if others or ourselves make mistakes, that’s OK. We would never learn without mistakes. We all eventually learn from them. Nobody needs advice. We all just need love and if we can’t do that, it’s best to stay quiet and let others do their process THEIR way.

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