The Beauty in Release

What we feel is what we heal — heal on every single level. It is so important to allow ourselves to grieve if we want to avoid becoming ill. Our culture, sadly, frowns upon the healing process and feeling emotions. So, we suppress our emotions and become sick. Keeping pain inside is akin to holding on to our bowel movements. Whatever we stuff down becomes toxic inside our bodies and controls us on an unconscious level.

“Because grieving is painful, there is at times a desire or temptation to rush the process or even push it aside altogether. For the soul, grief is an expression of love, and every expression of love is healing. If we resist grief, we literally wrap energy around our pain and lock it into place. Crying is the body’s natural means for clearing such energetic density; tears keep energy flowing and so allow for further healing.”

~Robert Schwartz

The dangers of stuffing our emotions:

“When we judge an emotion as bad, we create an energetic attachment to it. This attachment can strengthen the emotion and, if strong enough, fix the emotion in our experience. Thus, we create more of the very emotion we most want to dispel.”

~Robert Schwartz

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