Taking Off the Boogieman-colored Glasses

Do we see the world through rose-colored glasses or boogieman-colored glasses? Well, as I see it, both lenses have the potential to disempower us.

We may have been lied to, betrayed, and fooled many times. And this taught us to close our hearts and minds and as a result, we trust nobody outside our family and friends. We have had to do this as the cost of betrayal is just too much for our hearts. Anything to avoid this pain ever again. So, let’s shut down and assume everyone’s a charlatan. At least we won’t have to feel pain like the pain of being the fool ever again. Let’s build this huge wall. Because everyone’s a boogieman now.

Who’s hiding in the bushes out to get us next?

Here’s the problem with this logic. When we live in a perpetual state of suspicion like that, we are assuming most people are crooks and liars and that negative worldview and the shutting down of our hearts is only hurting ourselves whether we realize it or not. Truth is, however, not everyone’s a used-car salesmen out to trick us. The world has both good people and bad people in it. While healthy cynicism IS necessary, assuming the worst of every stranger means that we live in fear.

Living in fear is not living and it is the lowest vibrational frequency there is.

When we live behind shields and assume the worst of people, we are giving those who duped us in the past all of our power. And we are giving people we don’t even know in the present all of our power. This means we lose our own personal power while under the illusion of being powerful.

The way to real empowerment is to courageously take the risk of getting hurt and live life with an open yet savvy heart. And yes, you CAN live open and make wise choices all at the same time. I hate to tell you, but you are still going to get hurt. That’s just life. I personally would rather get hurt sometimes than be driven and controlled by the past by pre-judging everyone as crooks out to get me. The past should only be used as a tool to heal and grow — not to be lived in and controlled by. The only time is now.

I am sorry that some of us have been so bruised by people, but we can either choose to live life as the victim or the survivor. The latter is the one who is truly alive. And should you ever feel the emotional pain of being burnt again? Use that as a catalyst to grow instead of using it to judge those whom you don’t even know.

Take your control back and start living in the present. Amazing beautiful trustworthy souls are out there we might be missing out on if we just open our hearts again.

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