Educated VS Learned

Being educated is not impressive. It is only a sign that we can regurgitate. Anybody can repeat what they hear. We wait for our professors, gurus, the media, our parents, our clergy members, politicians, and pop-culture to tell us what to repeat, how to think, how to feel and behave. This is not intelligence.

Being learned, however, comes from True Intelligence. It requires thinking, questioning what you hear no matter how uncomfortable it makes you, discerning, questioning your OWN tribe and even questioning yourself. The truly intelligent are able to entertain ideas without automatically accepting or denying them. They have a discriminating ear. They may sometimes jump the gun and make quick assumptions, but if we are really intelligent, we are not afraid to ever admit when we are wrong. The intelligent don’t mind being wrong. The real intelligent folk are humble and have no desperate need to protect a reputation or have a need to be right as they are more concerned about Truth and Integrity than they are about being socially accepted. Like trying on hats in a store, the intelligent love to try opinions on and don’t take themselves too seriously.

So, we can either repeat what we hear or we can think. And very very few people ever do THINK or FEEL. We just agree with brand names, authority figures, and those with multiple fancy degrees without realizing they mean nothing if we don’t think and question and risk feeling uncomfortable and unpopular while doing so.

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