How Else Would We Remember Who We Were?

I think physical and emotional pain is why we are here as pain is a catalyst to our soul's growth which should lead to our eventual remembering of who we really are. We are to resist anesthetizing it and feel it if we are to move out of victimhood into true empowerment. So, yes, while... Continue Reading →

Dear Little Karen…

Dear little Karen, I see where you are and I understand it. You have shielded yourself against love all your life and I know why now. Love is the enemy. It is foreign. It is scary. It means opening up your heart just to get betrayed, used and lied to again and again and again.... Continue Reading →

Educated VS Learned

Being educated is not impressive. It is only a sign that we can regurgitate. Anybody can repeat what they hear. We wait for our professors, gurus, the media, our parents, our clergy members, politicians, and pop-culture to tell us what to repeat, how to think, how to feel and behave. This is not intelligence. Being... Continue Reading →

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